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What every LGBT youth should know

Have I mentioned that I work with LGBT youth in New York City schools?  If not, let me mention it now.

I work with LGBT youth in New York City Schools.

Now that Labor Day has passed and Southern Ladies everywhere are saying goodbye to their white shoes, kids across the country are also headed back to school.  Last year I conducted an exercise with a few GSA (gay straight alliance) clubs where I had them write “one thing you think every LGBT youth should know” on an index card that I then shared with the group.

Their answers were stunning.  And heartbreaking.  And beautiful.  And encouraging.   I spent most of last spring walking into NYC classrooms with a handful of worn index cards telling gay kids, “this is what your peers in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan think you should know. Pay attention.”

Today, whether you’re beginning a new school year or starting a new work week, this is what your LGBT peers in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan think you should know.  Pass these thoughts along to the important people in your life.  Add your own ideas in the comments and I’ll paste them into the list and share them with kids this year…

  • People sometimes don’t understand.  Educate!
  • There’s always going to be those who don’t agree with your way of living.  You just have to learn to deal with it.
  • Take your time to come out.
  • Confidence may be difficult to find, but it’s important to be courageous and carry yourself with you chin up.
  • It’s going to be ok.
  • There are people who will accept you.  Not everyone is ignorant.  Also, those people can help you with any problems you have so don’t be afraid.
  • Your sexual orientation doesn’t change who you’ve always been.
  • It’s not that different.  Don’t’ feel like an outcast, because you’re definitely not.
  • You are normal, this is natural, and that there is someone out there that accepts and loves you no matter what.
  • There will be at least one person to accept and love you, so never give up.
  • It gets better.  It honestly does.  Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy.  Don’t let your sexual orientation define you.  Grow and flourish into who you want to be.
  • It is okay and perfectly normal to be who you are.
Cheers to you, kiddos!


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