Christians and Gay Teen Suicides

Experience satirical wonderfulness below….



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3 responses to “Christians and Gay Teen Suicides

  1. Thanks for sharing this Bryan. I think I need to point more folks to this video — particularly those who don’t see how the Church is part of the problem.

  2. I’m kind of torn here. I see the point, and I also see Brian’s point. But I – as a 27 year old gay Christian – have a family that doesn’t see things this way, and I know that to show them this video would offend and anger them.

    I’m not saying everyone will react like that, but I am confused about how to feel in situations like this. I don’t want to love others poorly by making light of their convictions or positions (even though I disagree) but I also want to spread a message of a deeper, stronger gospel than perhaps they currently recognize.

    I’m just not sure. Thoughts?

  3. Ethan- I’m in the same boat. My parents said that they’re not like “those Christians,” and it’s true that they haven’t used the worst words I heard hear, but I do feel like they’re disgusted by me.

    I think that they would feel a sympathetic response to this video- they would think that these two Christians are not being loving, but they wouldn’t think their opinions are wrong. I’m not sure if they would be offended or not.

    This type of satire doesn’t win over 100% of the perpetrators, but if someone has doubts, it might be enough to show them how hurtful this type of thing is.

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