Hurt by church? Get a Str8 Apology.

Kathy Baldock – a straight woman – has attended the past three San Franscico Pride festivals wearing a homemade t-shirt that reads “Hurt By Church?  Get a Str8 Apology Here.”

I had the pleasure of talking with Kathy earlier this week… hearing her passion… and learning about how she’s walking alongside LGBT folks.  When I hung up the phone, I felt like I had been to church (in that “God, that was sooooo good for my soul” way, not the “sweet lord, that was the most boring hour of my life” way).

Kathy’s good people.

You need, Need, NEED to take 3.31 minutes to watch this video about Kathy’s experiences offering “straight apologies” to LGBT men and women for damage done to them by the church.  Watch this video and hear Kathy’s response to a 70-something year old man who said:

I was kicked out of churches when I was young and I loved God and I completely lost all that… I’ve been waiting for about 60 years for someone to just they they’re sorry — that God never meant that.  Would you just say you’re sorry?

Kathy’s doing incredible work.  Learn more about Kathy Baldock and Canyonwalker Connections here.



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4 responses to “Hurt by church? Get a Str8 Apology.

  1. THANK YOU and you KNOW we are friends for LIFE. I am SO grateful that you are there to give me your wisdom. So grateful. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Bryan

    xoxo, Kathy! Have a great weekend at Charlotte’s Pride!

  3. Nathan

    Beautiful words!

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