Summer Camp for LGBT Christian Kids

I know it’s a little early (or a little late) for my regular Tuesday update, but…

I just read a fantastic article about Rev. Patty Fox, a minister who wanted the LGBT youth at her church to have a summer camp experience designed specifically for them.  Next week she’ll take a group of queer kids into the woods for four days of summer camp fun…

The church’s handful of gay teens wanted to have a summer camp of their own where they could identify with each other and help foster spirituality, Fox said.

“It was the first time I’d ever seen a Christian-based camp program geared to gay and lesbian teens,” the pastor said. “They asked, ‘Why can’t we do this?’ I decided there was not reason not to.”

As someone who’s spent literally thousands of hours playing, speaking, swimming, hiking, laughing, teaching, and worshiping with kids at camp, this makes me incredibly happy.

Pray for Patty and her kids as they get ready for camp next week…



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8 responses to “Summer Camp for LGBT Christian Kids

  1. Rob

    Little behind the times. The Naming Project has been doing this for a few years. There was a documentary release in 2006 called Camp Out

  2. I’ve been wanting to organize something like this in St. Louis for years. Guess it’s time I stop thinking about it and start organizing for next summer!

    • Bryan

      Brian, if you want some help, you know where I am! I’ve chatted very briefly with Patty about helping out next year. Wouldn’t it be fun to involve a few churches from different cities and meet somewhere in the middle? Kids at the “big camps” (Student Life, Centrifuge, Super Summer, etc.) always say that one of their favorite things about summer camp is getting to meet new folks from other churches. I think it’d be great for gay youth to have the same experience… to see that there are kids just like them in churches across the country…

      • Count me in as well! I remember when I first read about this camp a few years back. I would love to be connected with a project like this. Let’s get together and brainstorm!

  3. I’m so jealous! That would have been so much fun when I was in school.

  4. Like you this makes my camp nerd heart swell with joy!

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